Flats To Let Who Is Responsible For The Maintenance?Flats To Let

Flats To Let Who Is Responsible For The Maintenance?

There are hundreds of flats to let across the UK and most large towns will have a wide choice of sizes and...  more

A Common Mispelling Of Room To LetLet To Room

A Common Mispelling Of Room To Let
Warning: Bad grammer let to room, yet so many of us got here because of our grammatical error.  more

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Let’s move to Lynton and Lynmouth, north Devon: stout legs required


It’s a dramatic landscape, all vertiginous drops and corniche drives along cliff tops

What’s going for it? On a family holiday in Lynton and Lynmouth in the 1970s, the brakes went on the car. As anyone who has visited Lynton and Lynmouth will know this is not the best spot on planet Earth for one’s brakes to go. It is jolly hilly, dangling off a cleft in the Exmoor cliffs. Images of the family clinging on to the banger are gouged deep in my memory. I should probably see a counsellor. Still, it’s in keeping with the place. This is a dramatic landscape, all vertiginous drops and corniche drives along cliff tops. That’s why the Georgians and Victorians made this one of their favourite resorts, scattering villas and periwinkles picturesquely across the valley to get their hearts racing; Shelley came here for his honeymoon. Drama tipped over into disaster in 1952, when a thunderstorm broke over the area, destroying buildings, bridges and killing 34 people – though living life on the edge has bred a certain stout resolve and self-reliance in Lynton and Lynmouth. It’s a rollercoaster ride, but the thrills are worth it.

The case against Stout legs required. And keep the brake fluid topped up. The hills do loom when the sun behind you is low in the southern sky. Bit of a tourist honeypot. Still relatively isolated.

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