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With the current love affair with buy to let slowing down due to the lack of decent buy to let mortgages many rental...  more

Looking For A Flat For Rent?Flat For Rent

Looking For A Flat For Rent?

Visit the website the Lettings Mall to find flats and properties all over the UK. You can search for studios,...  more


Membership TypesMembership Types

The Lettings Mall currently offers 3 distinct membershp types. These are:

  1. Guest Users:  These are users who have not registered to use the system.The amount of information available to such users is limited and serves as a brief introduction to our services.
  2. Registered Members:  These are users who have registered to use the system.A lot of information is available to such users but access to certain value added features is disallowed.
  3. Premium Members:  These are users who have registered to use the system and have paid for a time limited subscription.Every information on the site is available to such users and value added features are accessible.

Additionally the Lettings Mall operates a single premium member policy. This allows registered members to communicate with premium members and access premium member contact details. eg registered members can view all premium member contact details (and contact them!) but registered member contact details are only visible to premium members.

Registered members can also communicate with each other via site mail based on the 48 hour retrieval policy (100% free site usage if time is not a consideration).


Membership Type  ComparisonMembership Type Comparison

The differences between the various types of memberships are shown below

Feature Guest Registered Premium
Search for tenants or properties
Email other members for free.
Text other members for free.
Create and view matching adverts or profiles
Create unlimited adverts or profiles
Create a follow list of members whose profile you follow.
Manage a follow list of members who you can send messages to at the same time.
Send messages to multiple users at the same time
Create an ignored list of members who cannot contact you.
Manage an ignored list of members who cannot contact you
View premium members contact details
View every members full contact details including telephone numbers
Make your contact details visible to every registered member, premium or non premium
View premium members online video
View videos uploaded by members when the member is a registered member
Display your videos to every non premium member
Member's search preferences management
Management of agents list/estate agents of the member
View Member And Site Events, view events for every member on the site!
Event Management capabilities, create and add events for every member!
Pay As You Go usage options.

Simple Search

Search by post code or location, title, train or underground station and author‘s info.


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