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The Pros And Cons Of Living TogetherThe Pros And Cons Of Living Together

Disparities In Apartment Sharing

Whether you experience sharing an apartment as being positive, negative or a mixture of the two will probably depend very much on how similar your personal house rules are with the person that you co-habit with.

We all have different views and opinions on how it is best to live. How we conduct ourselves in our own homes can also be a little different from how we present ourselves to the outside world.

Therefore, many of us end up sharing an apartment with a friend who we thought that we got on with like a house on fire, only to find that what we once experienced as warmth has turned into hot, frayed tempers about whose responsibility it is to carry out household chores.

Advantages of sharing an apartment.

Sharing living space with another can mean sharing much more than just your home if you want it to. It can be very cost effective to share household bills and duties rather than being solely responsible for them.

If you get on well with the other person then you can also share time with them and discuss any problems or difficulties that you have faced during the day, as well as any joys that you have encountered.

When you live in the same dwelling as another person it can also mean that when you come home late at night you are greeted by them, or at least by the warm glow of their bedside lamp as you come up the drive to your apartment. If you are concerned about safety or dislike being alone, then you also have the comfort of knowing that there is someone else in the house.

You may find that you and the other person move in different social circles and that as a result of living together you meet new people who you never realised that you could be friends with before. Your own social life can expand as a result as well as you finding yourself provided with others to network with.

Disadvantages of sharing an apartment.

Finances are often a bone of contention with those who share apartments. While sharing bills can be an advantage if you can work them out fairly, they can also lead to much ill will and arguments when you come upon a disagreement about who should pay for what. The best that you can hope for is that the other person is honest and expects to pull their financial weight.

Another possible problem can arise when the other person finds a partner that they end up spending increasing amounts of time with in the apartment. If this happens then you can look forward to loud noises from the bedroom, extra mess that is left for you to deal with or put up with and a possible further strain on finances. It also means that you may have to spend time with your friends partner around even if you dont like them.

Yet another possible problem is a clash in tastes. It is possible that one of you may be a minimalist, preferring cleanliness and order, while the other thrives on mayhem and clutter. This isnt a good combination and will definately lead to trouble unless both parties agree to turn down their style and to compromise.

The next problem that could arise is to do with household chores. Even if your personal tastes and styles match you will probably expect the other person to take turns with chores, or to clean up as they go. Unfortunately some people choose not to comprehend this concept and may leave a trail of unwashed dishes behind them and expect the fairies, ie you, to wash them.

Lastly, there is the issue of personal habits. If one of you likes to get up at 6am and chant loudly in-between ringing bells while the other longs for the peace that comes from silence then you will clash in this area. Like-wise, if one of you smokes and drinks, leaving used ashtrays about the place, smoke in the air and empty beer cans around then the other may not be amused.

Choose Wisely

Learning to live with another person can be tricky, and sometimes choosing your cohabitee wisely in the first place is the only answer. However, if you do find find someone that you are compatible with then you can be very happy sharing and chalk up some good memories while doing so.

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