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Tips And Advice On Flat Mate HuntingTips And Advice On Flat Mate Hunting

Inquire Within Your Personal Network

The easiest way to bag a flat mate is to ask your friends or acquaintances — some of them may need a room or flat mate too. While searching for a flat mate, you need to define your requirements to be sure that it will provide results with easy and interesting people you can share an apartment with. The kind of person you can discuss with and/or who may have something in common with you.
A flat mate can be of the opposite sex and it's a good opportunity to meet your future mate! You can find a mate, a friend, or more.

Shared/Mutual Interests

Try looking for a flat mate with similar interests. You will not only communicate well but you will have a lot of common ground and hobbies to participate in.

Broaden Your Horizons

You shouldn't limit your search to people like you.Just imagine the communication you can have if you are game head and your flat mate is a gym rat! or you happen to be a gourmet while your new flat mate is a sky diving instructor.

Sell Yourself

Upload some great photos of yourself and/or your apartment, great looking photos are a major selling point, To make your ad better, you should include some personal information e.g your likes and dislikes.

If you're in a nice area, a paragraph on what is available to prospective flat mates is another selling point. If you can sell an attractive lifestyle it will make it easier for people to imagine living in the area.

Communicate With Each Other

Try discussing the issues that matter before staying together. To avoid future problems and misunderstanding it’s best to inform your future flat mate that you can’t bare smoking inside or you prefer to live in solitude.

Maintain Your Privacy

Don’t provide full information about yourself if you are searching for a flat mate on online adverts. Our site is here to help you make your search easy! you can create your own profile and, thus, help other people to find you!

Besides, one of the advantages over traditional ways of searching for a flat mate is that you don’t need to give a potential flat mate all your contact details (phone number or address) without properly vetting them. This ensures that you won’t be bombarded with emails, photos or phone calls.

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