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Flats To Let Who Is Responsible For The Maintenance?

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Flats to rent

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A simple checklist for when moving homesThings to check before moving home

Moving into a new home? Where ever you are moving, this can be a hectic time for every one involved. There are so many details that can easily be overlooked. Organization is the key to making it an easier process.
With that in mind, here is a helpful checklist of items you will need to remember before, during and after the move.

Before the Move

Address Change

  • Leave a forwarding address to your old landlord
  • Alternatively set up a Post Office redirection
  • Change all Credit Card and bank account address details
  • Change magazine subscription address details

Utility Companies

  • Arrange to close accounts with telephone, gas, electric, cable tv, and internet companies or transfer your account to the new address.
  • Get refunds on any deposits made.


  • Notify Company of new location for coverages including auto, life, health and home insurance.

Medical Records

  • Ask Doctors and Dentist for referrals in your new town, Obtain medical records. Transfer your prescritions, X-Rays, eyeglasses info.
  • Register with a new GP and dentist.


  • Find out the school your children will be attending and ensure you have the necessary records   transferred to the new school.


  • Ensure the DVLA is notified of the new address for the keeper of your vehicle.
  • Ensure the DVLA is notified of the new address for your drivers license.


  •  Inquire about regulations, tags, vaccinations, licenses, etc.

Things You don't want to Forget....

  • Empty petrol from the lawn mower, and any other petrol powered tools that will be shipped with the moving company.
  • Defrost the freezer and clean the refrigerator.
  • Clean rugs before moving and have them rolled up and wrapped in plastic so they arrive clean.
  • Label the boxes that you will need to open right away when you get to your new house.
  • Check with your moving company about:
    • Insurance coverage
    • Arrival day, time and where they meet you
    • Packing and unpacking labor
    • Time and method of payment (most movers won't unload your things until they are paid in full).
    • A phone number where they can reach you any time
    • Shipping papers that need to be signed
    • Make sure you car is serviced before the trip, if you are driving
    • Care arrangements for infants or pets during the move

Things to do on Moving Day

  • Take a local phone directory with you for the new town.
  • Personally carry valuables, jewelry and personal documents with you
  • Make hotel reservations if you are traveling for more than one day or if you have to wait for the movers to arrive.
  • Carry enough cash or travelers checks to cover the cost of expenses until you arrange for new banking services in the new city.
  • Inform a friend or relative of your schedule and travel route.
  • Check closets, cupboards, and drawers one last time to make sure that you are not leaving any items behind.
  • Leave the old keys with the new owner or real estate agent or a neighbour.
  • Make sure you have keys to the new house, or have arranged to get them when you get to your new home.

At the New Address

  • Arrange for someone to be at the new home when the moving van arrives.
  • Check the condition of all items, furniture, etc. before you sign the moving receipt.
  • Find out how many days you have to file a claim for any possible damage.s
  • Activate service for telephone, gas, electric, water, cable tv/Sky and internet.
  • Check with post office for forwarded mail
  • Have appliances checked and ensure lights are lit, if necessary.
  • Write to council office and register to vote
  • Register children in school
  • Arrange for new doctors, dentist, veterinarian, etc.
  • Meet the new neighbors !
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