Undertaking A Commercial Property SearchCommercial Property Search

Undertaking A Commercial Property Search
If you do a commercial property search you will find that there are a number of websites promoting premises from...  more

Attracting New Customers Who Want To Find Commercial PropertyFind Commercial Property

Attracting New Customers Who Want To Find Commercial Property
There are thousands of potential clients who are looking to find commercial property to rent, but marketing empty...  more

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Making The Most Of Your Office SpaceMaking The Most Of Your Office Space

Planning the layout for a busy office is a stressful yet rewarding task. Whether you're a team leader co-ordinating members of staff or an office planner looking to find the best way to set out the space for optimal staff diligence, it can be taxing to work out exactly where to start in order to receive the highest efficiency.
There are plenty of ways to plan your office's layout to achieve best results, however. You could arrange this to keep individual teams together or attempt to mix people up to enhance interactivity between staff who otherwise would have no reason to talk - which can be great for boosting company morale.
There are important things to remember, however, when planning your office - such as ensuring everybody has enough space to move and that there is a very clear path to the fire exit. Even ensuring that the first aid kit is clearly visible and indicating who the office first aiders are is easily overlooked, but an important part of a successful office plan.
If you're grouping people in teams, consider whether you'd like to have staff members work face to face, beside one another or facing walls. The latter may help to increase productivity as it reduces distraction, but many office workers also find it a drain on their moods as walls are not especially pleasant to look at. Face to face and side by side arrangements increase staff interactivity, which many staff members find useful both for enjoying the office environment and enhancing relationships with their colleagues.
You may find that arranging desks so workers are completely mixed up will work better if they do not need to interact frequently with their team, as it gives people a chance to meet each other and can also ensure that the most industrious attitude is adopted. However, it is often better to arrange seating by department.
Consider where you want to place each department. Does it interact with others, in which case it's best to place them close by? Or is it an autonomous department that functions entirely by itself, in which case it doesn't really matter what other team it's beside?
What sort of seating arrangement best suits your company's personality? Cubicles or an open floor? Many workers prefer being able to see around the office, but individual cubicles can help them focus. These should only be implemented, however, if you have the room.
Planning out desk arrangements in a commercial property can certainly be both tough and rewarding, but when the moment comes that everything gels, you'll be glad you spent the time on it.

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