A Common Mispelling Of Room To LetLet To Room

A Common Mispelling Of Room To Let
Warning: Bad grammer let to room, yet so many of us got here because of our grammatical error.  more

Attracting New Customers Who Want To Find Commercial PropertyFind Commercial Property

Attracting New Customers Who Want To Find Commercial Property
There are thousands of potential clients who are looking to find commercial property to rent, but marketing empty...  more

Current Promotions and OffersCurrent Promotions and Offers

The Lettings Mall always has special promotions and offerings for its members.

Please check this page often for updates of whats available to you.We are always looking for ways to save you money while you're flat hunting or looking for a tenant for your property.


Current Promotions and Offers£10 Bonus Special Offer

Complete your profile and get free credits for additional features that help your advert and profile get noticed.

You will be awarded credits based on the percentage of completed questions as listed below:

£1 for every 10% of questions answered up to £10 for 90% of questions.

The total is made up of at least 1 criteria in your advert/profile data input.
"No answers" do not count.

Credits can be used in the "Paid services" area of the Lettings Mall. The credits earned can be used on this site to purchase any of the following site services:

  • Push Up Ad in Search:   Allows your profile/advert to be shown at the top of searches when it matches search conditions.
  • Featured Advert:   Displays a slide show of your profile/advert whenever it is shown on the site.
  • Regional Leader:   Displays your profile/advert with a highlighted message at the top of all regional searches.

What are you waiting for? signup or login if you are a member, complete your profile and start attracting more interest in your adverts today!



Win 2 Weeks Of Premium Membership Today!Win 2 Weeks Of Premium Membership Today!

At the Lettings Mall, we are giving our members two weeks of free premium membership!
To qualify for free premium membership simply,

  • Login Or Signup
  • Create a profile and add some pictures
  • Add a video if you have one

Every week we will select 6 profiles from each category on the site that will be featured on the main pages of the Lettings Mall.
18 lucky members will be rewarded with 2 weeks free premium membership every week!


Current Promotions and OffersFree One Day Premium Membership Offer

If you are unsure about taking up premium membership, the Lettings Mall allows you to test drive premium membership for 24 hours.

Premium membership automatically allows you to:

  1. Create a follow list of members who you can send messages to at the same time.
  2. Create an ignored list of members who cannot contact you.
  3. View every members full contact details.Telephone numbers are always available if the user has chosen to make them public.
  4. View videos uploaded by members even when the said member is a non premium member.
  5. Display your videos to every non premium member.
  6. Make you contact details visible to every registered member, premium or non premium
  7. Full list of premium membership features.

If you wish to have access to all the above features and more, why not see if you can meet all your property needs in 24hrs by trying premium membership today or better still why wait?...purchase a full subscription today!


We're offering you a time back guarantee on all subscriptions!Time Back Gaurantee!

We promise to give you your time back if your advert does not sell within the time you've paid for. We give this guarantee to members who:

  • Have a subscription of at least 1 week
  • Have no more than 1 property in their portfolio
  • Your subscription allows for 1 week per property
  • Your subscription does not exceed one month
  • Tenants are also entitled to the guarantee!

If you cant lease your property in one week, we'll give you the next week free!
If you are a tenant and still have not made up your mind, we'll let you use premium facilities for the next week at no cost!


Have access to a data feed? You can get 45 day free premium membership!Estate Agent Special Offer

Are you an estate agent? Enjoy 45 day free premium membership if you can say yes to all of the following!

  • You are an estate agent with a property to let portfolio
  • Your agency is based in the UK or Northern Ireland
  • Your desktop software or website can bulk export your property portfolio!

Ready for free premium membership? contact us for details!


Have an android phone or tablet? It gives you 100% free premium membership!Free Android App!

The Lettings Mall currently offers an android app (LETA) for your mobile phone which is available from google app store.

Our app allows you the freedom to do several things which are not available from the website including:

  • Perform voice searches from your phone.
  • Use chat messaging to contact members.
  • Get instant messages from members.

Best of all our app is 100% free to use and allows completely free access to all premium features of the Lettings Mall!

Get the app today!!


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