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Finding New Marketing Opportunities For Retail Commercial Property
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Finding A Pub To LetPub To Let

Finding A Pub To Let
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faq pagesFrequently Asked Questions

Please browse our faq pages for answers to common problems which you may encounter while using this website and property service.

The questions below have been put together based on user responses.Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries which have not been dealt with here.


Back to top of pageDo I have to pay to use this site?

To fully benefit from this site, it is best you buy a subscription.Subscription prices vary based on the amount of time you wish to spend flat hunting.

You can also use the site for free but you may find that the best properties and tenants have been snatched up long before you've been able to contact these members.

For a full price list please go to the services page


Back to top of pageWhy cant I view phone numbers?

If you are unable to view the telephone number of another member, it could be for any one of the reasons below:

  • You have not yet registered to use this site
  • The member whose phone number you want is not a premium member and neither are you.
  • The said member has chosen not to have their phone numbers displayed.
  • The said member has not left a phone number on this system
  • The said member is a contact by text only member.

Back to top of pageHow do I claim the £10 offer?

You can claim the £10 bonus offer by creating an advert/profile. Once the advert is created you will be taken to the advert/profile details page.

You will find a link at the bottom of the advert/profile details page which allows you to claim the £10 bonus.


Back to top of pageHow many kinds of memberships those this site have?

Presently there are three main types of membership. They are:

  • Guest Members
  • Registered Members
  • Premium Members

A full list of the advantages of each type of membership is available on the membership page.


Back to top of pageWhats the difference between premium membership and registered membership?

Premium Membership: These are members who have paid for a time limited subscription.

They have access to all the features of this website and can be contacted freely by all members without limitations.

Registered Members: These are members who have registered to use this site.

Registered members have access to various features of these site and can contact both premium and registered members based on the 48 hour rule....more


Back to top of pageWhat are the advantages of premium membership?

Been a premium member guarantees members sevaral benefits some of which are listed below:

  • View every members full contact details including telephone numbers.
  • Make your contact details visible to every registered member, premium or non premium
  • View non premium members online video.
  • Display your videos to every non premium member
  • Premium members not affected by 48 hour retrieval policy.

For full information on premium membership, please go to the membership types page.


Back to top of pageHow do I become a premium member?

You can upgrade your account at any time by clicking on the paid services link available from the user menu after you have looged into the system.


Back to top of pageWhat means of contacting members does this site offer?

Presently at the Lettings Mall, you can contact members by:

  • Internal messaging which sends an email notifier to the other member.
  • Telephone number displayed on the members profile/advert.
  • Text messaging to members. Additionally the Lettings Mall possess text only customers who prefer to receive text alerts.

Back to top of pageWhats a profile and/or advert?

A profile is what you will usually create when you are a tenant or a flatmate seeking a flatshare. An advert is what you will create when you have a property to let or you have rooms to let.

Both profiles and adverts are created from the same pages and contain the same information and we usually refer to them as advert/profiles.

An advert/profile contains all the information needed to describe the property you wish to let out or the kind of property you wish to rent.


Back to top of pageHow many profiles can I create?

Presently, a tenant can create:1 flatshare,1 Residential and 1 Commercial profile.

Landlords and estate agents can create as many profiles as they choose.

Back to top of pageI sent a message but the member has not replied, what do I do?

The member you sent a message to may have viewed your profile and decided he/she is not interested.

To ensure your messages are received on time, you should upgrade you membership today!.

Back to top of pageI cant find my neighbourhood in the location drop down! what do I do?

Please choose the region and the shire where the town is located and state the exact neighbourhood in the title or the additional information boxes when filling in the profile.

If you are searching for a specific town or neighbourhood, you can use the location search which contains a single field where you can enter the name of the town or neighbourhood.


Back to top of pageI am looking for a place within more than one neighbourhood or town? what do I do?

Presently this service categorizes locations by heirarchy, so you have regions,shires and citys,towns and neighbourhoods.

If you wish to reside in towns or neighbourhoods in more than one shire or city, simply choose the main town you wish to live in and in the profile introduction and additional information, state the other towns you wish to live.

Our location search will pick up these towns when other users are searching for tenants in these towns or neighbourhoods.


Back to top of pageHow much does it cost to use this website?

The price structure varies from free usage to a paid subscription.You may use this service for free if time is not a priority, and you may find that you fall in the category of members who get to use the service for free because everyone you need to contact is a premium member.

The price of premium membership can be as low as 35p per day depending on your subscription period.
The full price list is available on the services page


Back to top of pageHow can I get the android app?

The Lettings Mall currently offers an android app (LETA) for your mobile phone which is available from google app store.

Our app allows you the freedom to do several things which are not available from the website including:

  • Perform voice searches from your phone.
  • Use chat messaging to contact members.
  • Get instant messages from members.

Best of all our app is 100% free to use and allows completely free access to all premium features of the Lettings Mall!

Get the app today!!


Back to top of pageTips for profile success

In order to get tenants quicker or attract landlords to contact you, you must do the following:

  • Ensure you have posted photos of the property
  • Add a photo of yourself, it makes people contact you
  • Add as much description as possible, our forms are multiple choice, use them!
  • Upload a video if possible, members are given a property tour!
  • Send messages to members you match using mail and text!
  • Show interest at profiles you like, the other member may give you a golden key!
  • All the above is free! and most landlords or agents will give you a golden key if contacted by you!
  • If you are a landlord or estate agent, buy a subscription and give every tenant a golden key to your profile.
  • If you are not sure, send a text message! It costs less and you can still connect to the tenant or landlord.

To secure tenants faster, you need to have access to all the features of the Lettings Mall, this means:

1. You should buy a subsciption to premium membership. This allows you to:

Upgrade your membership today!

2. You should credit your account with some funds to allow you to utilise our pay-per-usage features which can change how your profile is displayed to users.This include:

You can try out this features by claiming your £10 bonus from any of your residential, commercial or flatshare editing pages.


Back to top of pageGolden key access

This is a combination of the 48 hour retrieval policy and the single premium member policy. It allows the member to read or send mail which can be accessed immediately by the receiver.

It is also applicable to contact details and videos of members and certain activities on this site

To acquire a golden key, you must either upgrade your membership to a premium membership or the opposite member who you are contacting or whose contact details or video you wish to view must be a premium member.


Back to top of pageSingle premium member policy

The single premium member policy is our way of letting a lot of our users have free usage of this site.

Basically a registered member can communicate freely with any premium member and vice versa with no restrictions, he/she can also view premium member phone numbers and videos without restrictions.

What this means is that only one communicating member need pay for use of this service!


Back to top of page48 hours retrieval policy

The 48 hour retrieval policy applies only to communication between registered non premium members.

The receiver of an internal message is notified immediately the mail is sent but he is not allowed to read the message until after 48 hours.If he replies the message, you will be notified immediately the message is sent but you will not be able to access the message until after the expiration of 48hrs.

This is to ensure that premium members get the pick new tenants or properties but still allowing non premium members a chance to communicate with each other.

Your best bet as a non premium member if time is an issue is to contact premium members first, as this policy does not apply to communication between premium members and registered members in either direction.


Back to top of pageText/Sms messaging dos and donts

The Lettings Mall operates a text messaging system and policy which is governed by current legislation in the UK.

Currently you agree to be bound by the following terms when using our sms messaging systems.

  • To receive sms from our systems, you must have explicitly accepted that you are willing to receive sms messages.
  • To send sms from our systems, you must explicitly accept that you are willing to receive sms messages, this is to ensure that the members you send sms messages to are able to reply to your message.
  • You cannot send more than 2 text messages to the same member in a single day.
  • You cannot send more than 3 text messages to the same member in a 3 day period.
  • You are allowed to send 3 free sms messages per day to other members of this site if you are a premium member.
  • You will be charged 25p per sms message for subsequent sms messages to other members of this site if you are a premium member.
  • You will be charged £1 per sms message for messages to other members of this site if you are a registered member paying for your messages with site bonus credit.
  • You may purchase a text bundle which allows you to send sms messages at 20P per text message.
  • You may elect to stop receiving text messages at any time by logging in to our systems, going to your profile page, and unchecking the box that states, Accept sms text alerts
  • Alternatively you can text STOP to the number which you receive text messages from and you will automatically be deregistered from receiving text messages from the Lettings Mall.
  • You agree to receive system alerts relating to system usage periodically as we deem necessary.
  • We agree not to send you sms advertisements of any kind except if agreed with you previously.

Back to top of pageUsing text bundles for sms text messages

Text bundles offer members a chance to use alternative communication channels on the site.
With a text bundle, a member can use the sites sms systems to guarantee instanteneous messaging to other members whether he/she is a premium member or not!

This ensures that you do not need to be a premium member before you use premium facilities and provides you with a huge discount rate for your text messages.

Currently text messages are charged at 20p when using a text bundle.

Text bundles are available for purchase in bundles of:

  • £2
  • £5
  • £10

Buy A Text bundle Today!


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