Finding a flatmate for your sparer roomFlatmates

Finding a flatmate for your sparer room

Now that you've advertised and have a list of potential flatmates, comes the time to choose the "right" flatmate. Many...  more

Flatshare To Let

With the current love affair with buy to let slowing down due to the lack of decent buy to let mortgages many rental...  more


Flat Share To Rent

The Most Ideal Avenue For Letting A Flat Share To Rent

You can find loads of rental accommodation and student accommodation including some flat share to rent at the Lettings Mall. This site has properties listed in various locations across the UK including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Hundreds of people are listing their flats, houses and commercial property on this easy to use website.

Anyone can use the site to upload descriptions, photos, videos and contact information. if you are moving to a new town or city it is an ideal place to begin your search for flat shares to rent.

The Lettings Mall is a user friendly site that is not dominated by the big estate and letting agents, private advertisers will have their rental property displayed alongside properties from all the professional agents in the UK.

You can find the ideal flat share to rent with other tenants currently living in a property or you can partner with some of your friends as potential flatmates i.e arrange a rental with your own friends or colleagues.

You can also find like minded individuals on the website whom you can discuss sharing a flat together with and if you believe you have similar interests and are compatible, you may go on and rent a house or flat together.

Most people will be looking for a location that is close to their place of work and has good access to public transport. Transport will most often be top of the list but it is also worth considering how you will get along with the people with whom you will be sharing.

A similar outlook on life and cleaning standards can make all the difference - especially if you will be spending most of your evenings and weekends in the flat, if you are a very tidy person, then you will not want to share with someone who is happy to leave the washing up in the sink for two days!

If you discuss your experiences of house and flat sharing with others who have lived with other people in the past then you will probably hear stories of long lasting friendships made and great parties, the downside is that there is usually a story about the flatmate who was a nightmare to live with and who made life uncomfortable for every one involved.

Any shared living arrangement will involve compromises and before deciding upon a flat share to rent with strangers, make sure you have thoroughly considered all the obvious factors involved the the flat share arrangement.

These factors include but are not limited to: bill payments, cleaning rosters, house and home maintenance, party habits, friendly and unfriendly sleepovers, cooking habits( You may enjoy the odd curry but you may not like the house smelling like your local takeaway every day).

Religious tolerance may also play a part in flat sharing and learning to be tolerant of each others nuances will help cement the sharing arrangement.

Searching on the internet will give you an idea of the type of properties that may be available and browsing photographs, videos and descriptions can be a great way to choose a place to live and find a flat share to rent in your preferred location.

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